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Stumble Video automatically finds and plays videos that match your interests. All you have to do is press Stumble! and rate the videos you watch. Stumble Video recommends great videos based on your ratings, and the ratings from other like-minded users.


Rather than being a video site, Blinkx is a search engine that trolls selected sites for videos. It has partnerships with more than 100 content and media companies, so you'll find lots of video from leading news sites.


Why read about TV shows online when you can actually watch them? From Welcome Back, Kotter to Chico and the Man, In2TV has more awful television from the '70s to the present collected in one place than should be allowed by law.


What's Joost? It's free TV, with the choice to watch alone or with friends. Joost is packed with internet tools such as instant messaging and channel chat, allowing people to really share the TV experience. It's a completely secure platform for content owners that respects their rights, while protecting and enhancing their brands. And it's an incredibly flexible way for advertisers to reach a truly global audience, in ways that really work.

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